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DAYZE / deiz / デイズ >>> Yusaku Horii & Ryosuke Horii















let`s do it.



We know that we are not on the right track always. What we do, and what we say. It’s not always right.
Just because we are still immature human being.

But we live our own times and move on to tomorrow with the light popped out from our mind rambling.  

The path is still dark, but we do have the light.

The new element that came out from our filter of daily life., that’s the DAYZE.
“Making our each existence into the one big thing.” You just might wanna use your own brain to see if   it’s right or not.

We all have each vision, dreams, reality, and surprises. We are not saying that we should throw those   away and get everything together into one same thing.

But we will be happy if we came across to your life as one of the element to your mind.

DAYZE would be the connection between us and future, and future comes after.

Weather if we live in our dreams or real, or just we are gonna be wondering around dream land,, it will be   clear as we facing with future events.

And DAYZE is our days. Two of us who has dream and passion to live this world.

We believe that everything exist in this dream world, just like everything exists in this real world.
This flash journey will be ended eventually, but for now, we just wonder around in our mind without any map.

So why don’t we keep on traveling. Even if we have different directions, our journey goes over the   period that we picture. let`s do it.



Translated by Kenji Kato / SCRATCH PAPER WORKS